TD Client

The TD-API REST API has a series of wrapper libraries that make it easy to leverage the TD API natively.

The basic functions enabled in each TD Client library can be found below. For specific implimentation syntax, examples, and language specific API Reference, please select the programming language below.

DescriptonAPI Call (or REST Call)
return a list of databasesdatabase/list
return a list of jobsjob/list
show a tabletable/show/:database/:table
return a list of tablestable/list/:database
swap the content of two tablesswap/:database/:table1/:table2
issue a queryjob/issue/:type/:database
show the status of a specific jobjob/status/:job_id
show status and logs of a specific jobjob/show/:job_id
kill a running jobjob/kill/:job_id
returns the result of a specific jobjob/result/:job_id?format=msgpack.gz

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